Ultra Vision Spotlights

Ultra Vision Spotlights

KRU Engineering is a West Australian distributor for UltraVision spotlights.

We can provide customers with a range of spotlights including the Nitro 80 MAXX, 140 MAXX and 180MAXX. These spotlights use a stainless steel mounting system for easy adjustment, and is able to withstand high levels of vibration. Each pair of spotlights purchased come with anti-theft nuts and a wiring harness.

Spotlights come in two colours: 4000K and 5700K. 4000K is a warmer yellow colour that is suitable for snowy, dusty and foggy conditions, and 5700K is a standard white light used most commonly.

For further enquiries and additional information regarding Ultra Vision spotlights please reach out to us at parts@kruengineering.com.au.


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